We Believe in People

We invest in people building outstanding businesses. We are passionate about adding value to teams who are taking their company to a new level.

How We Invest


We are interested in good people and businesses where we see the potential for significant value add. We are not limited to any particular sector, and believe investing in the best people is a commitment to the future.


We can invest at any stage in people we believe in. From a founder with an idea, to leading growth rounds for established companies, we are happy to lead, co-lead or follow on in great businesses with extreme growth potential.


We are open to people and ideas from around the world. We do not have any geographic restrictions, and especially look for companies that can utilize our NYC and LA technology incubation eco-systems.

Disruptive ideas are great. Strong execution teams are everything.

Headquartered in Greenwich, CT, with offices in NYC and LA, Altpoint is committed to the technology space and to growing great businesses.

The stage of your company’s current raise does not matter, your vision and business do. We are as happy to invest a six digit seed funding check as we are to lead a Series B eight digit round. What matters is the strength of your team, your ability to disrupt, and our ability to work together.

We are a team of seasoned investors, hard workers and friends who truly care about the companies we invest in.

We are excited about the consumer Internet, a new e-commerce approach, media, virtual and augmented reality, mobile solutions or the Internet of things. We love piecing it together and building expertise.

We prefer to invest local, but at the end what matters for us is that we have a good relationship.


Get in touch, and let’s build the next great thing together.